LäkarPatrullen (Medical Patrol)
 recruits physicians to
 the Swedish health care system 




LäkarPatrullen work from a holistic approach where we recruitmainly specialists from Sweden and Europe for fixed services in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. - We build safe and sustainable international recruitment through our concept,
Welcome family, where we take care of everything concerning a move for the doctor and his family. - In addition, we are investing in mentors to doctors. Sustainable recruitment is a key word

Language demands 

The Board has a language requirement for that to you as a doctor must pass, in order to get a Swedish license. We provide the courses where participants quickly and safely reach the right level.


We are looking for specialists in different professions such as;
- Radiologists
- Psychologists
- GP
- Etc.

    Medical License    

If you trained yourself in another EU country, needed no further certification to obtain a license from the Swedish National Board of Health.

Welcome family

The purpose of the function is to be a support for distance and overseas recruited doctors with families and to introduce them in the Swedish social system and social life.
- There are many challenges that you face when moving to a new country or city. We can help with, for example, arrange a good living, making contacts with authorities, opening a bank account and to ensure that children and included also get a safe and good start, no matter where in the country.
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Quality Assurance

Through quality assurance and elaborate testing ensures that you, the caregiver get the expected skills at your requirement.

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