About us

We at Medical patrol passionate about what we do and strive hard to become the best company for both doctors and customers. Our focus is solely on recruitment where we both have and constantly builds up channels to help foreign doctors to establish themselves in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. With the concept Welcome Family, we see that it becomes a sustainable recruitment.
We turn to all of Sweden's county councils and private healthcare centers and clinics. This also applies to the corresponding units in Norway and Denmark. We also convey medical advice to the Life Science sector.
At the moment our doctors, primarily as a general practitioner, radiologist or psychiatrists.
But do not hesitate to contact us regarding other specialist area!
Our work is characterized by durability, quality, service and flexibility; it should be easy and safe to work with us.

Ulf has been active in investment management since 2005. Before Ulf started a company active in EU funding. Ulf has founded companies such as, TimeZynk (schedule and time reporting system), Patrol Staffing & Recruitment & Other.
Ulf Strålenek

My help with daily routines such as administration, content marketing and are often our fastest interface.
My educated in health and beauty care. Powered own and started Derma House.

My Strålenek

Senior Consultant:                                                                                                                       Dieter Zippert

Dieter Zippert has extensive experience in international medical recruitment.
He has been working as a EURES member for many years.
Dieter has also been project manager and coordinator for the Cross Border Sound.

Advisory board:                                                  Michael Rustner

Michael has been in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry since 1992. Michael has been working as a pharmaceutical consultant in various management positions for more than 20 years. He has also started a company in the medical recruitment and staffing, he has also been active in various configurations for more than 10 years.
Mobile: +46 725 007733

Medical advice:                                                 Dr Pekka Koskinen

Pekka Koskinen, CEO Pharma Site
Before Pekka started Pharma Site, he worked as a doctor for many years. In the early 2000s he began performing clinical trials in his role as a doctor, when the idea was born that he would start a company devoted entirely to this activity.