Welcome family


Welcome family
The purpose of the function is to be a support for distance and overseas recruited doctors with families and to introduce them in the Swedish social system and social life.
- There are many challenges that you face when moving to a new country or city. We can help with, for example, arrange a good living, making contacts with authorities, opening a bank account and to ensure that children and included also get a safe and good start, no matter where in the country.
It is about creating sustainable recruitment.
- Recruiting is one thing, but getting foreign specialists to thrive and want to stay in a Swedish hospital is another thing. Health care is so much pressure today and managers are usually busy with daily operations. Here we can help with various practical issues. We also ensure that they participate in social activities, creating networks and ensures that individual physicians and families can feel a greater sense of security and participation.
We intend to appoint a mentor to the doctor's home language